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Magniblu is a device that informs the position of the vessel and many other characteristics that you can check at any given time to make sure everything is in order. If you want to have control over your vessel and the insight into the navigation statistics and immediate status, Magniblu is the right device for you.

*the device is entirely our product, developed and produced in Croatia

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Begin using the device in several easy steps

Install the device on your vessel


Connect device to the your boat’s battery


Log in to user interface


You are ready to start using the device




Current position of the boat is tracked by the GPS/GLONASS system enabling accuracy of 5 meters. The position is displayed on a map and the owner of the Magniblu device is able to see all his boats on one map. The history of ship movements is also visible on the screen as trace left behind the boat marker.


Current speed and average speed is calculated from the data retrieved by the GPS/GLONASS system. Speed can be displayed as a graph for any time period. This gives you better insight into the boat’s performance over a longer time period.


Current course over ground (COG) while the boat is moving. COG is calculated by the GPS/GLONASS module.


Voltage measurements for one battery. Maximum voltage measured is 28V. Voltage is measured by the integrated 12bit digital to analog converter.

  • FEE

  • 112 kn + VAT

  • The stated price is valid with the two year contract and includes monthly payment for the duration of the contract
  • The service can be suspended for up to 6 months per year and the contract is then automatically extended for that period. During the time for which the device is suspended there will be no charges.
  • The warranty on the device is valid for the entire duration of the contract

86mm × 57mm × 27mm


9V – 28V / 40mA


Test the demo version


On all resolutions


Additional battery voltage + ALARM

Measuring voltage on additional battery. Maximum voltage measured is 28V. Voltage is measured by the integrated 12bit digital to analog converter.

10 kn + VAT/monthly

Temperature + ALARM

Measuring of the current air temperature on board. Accuracy of the measurement is 0.4%. Measurement is carried out by the Bosch SHT21 sensor attached to the device.

10 kn + VAT/monthly

Humidity + ALARM

Measurement of the relative air humidity in the boat. Measurement accuracy is 2% and is carried out by the Bosch SHT21 sensor attached to the device.


10 kn + VAT/monthly

List + ALARM

List of the vessel is measured by the integrated accelerometer. This allows you to see whether your boat has any list or trim or is it rolling. You can set alarm to go off if the list has reached a set point alarming you that the boat is developing a list.


10 kn + VAT/monthly

Impact detection + ALARM

Movements of the boat are tracked with the integrated accelerometer when g forces are greater that the specific set magnitude. This will detect any sudden movement of the boat or any strikes your boat suffers. The time and location of these incidents are recorded and sent to the server. An alarm can be set to specific value.


10 kn + VAT/monthly

Motion of the vessel + ALARM

Movement of the vessel is monitored by the integrated accelerometer. Accelerometer will measure acceleration approximately 50 times per second and will report the values to the server. Accelerometer values will show your boats roll or yaw movements and also the current stress your boat is exposed to. Accelerometer integrated into the Magniblu device is so sensitive that will sense even the slightest movements of the boat and report that. An alarm can be set to that the owner can see that the boat is moving or even (for smaller boats) if has someone boarded the vessel.


10 kn + VAT/monthly

Bilge pump detection

In addition to measuring the voltages of the batteries, Magniblu device can track the state of any device on board powered by less than 24 volts. For example you can track your bilge pump status or your Webasto device. This is particulary important during winter layups. If your pump works continuously this might mean that the boat is taking water and the bilge pumps cannot cope and the boat is in danger of sinking.


24 kn + VAT/monthly

ALARM when leaving a given zone

Magniblu user can set the zone for which the system will set off the alarm in case that his boat enters or exits the zone. Alarm can be set even for the approaching or distancing to specific point. For example alarm can be set to go off when boat approaches within a distance to your base so that the base manager can be warned that the boat is approaching.


10 kn + VAT/monthly

ALARM when crossing a given line

Magniblu user can set specific lines by crossing which the device will trigger an alarm. Our users usually set this to specific boats so that they can warn the skipper that he cannot transit under specific bridge because of the height of the mast or enter particular port because of the draft.


10 kn + VAT/monthly


In case the ship has electronic devices that communicate via NMEA 2000 (most devices nowadays built into ships have this capability) it is possible to read data from them and display them in the user interface.

168 kn + VAT/monthly


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