About us


Magniblu consists of a group of enthusiasts, professionals and ship fans with extensive experience in tracking commercial vessels across all oceans.

Armed with prior experience, we came up with an idea to develop a device for tracking vessels with which we could remotely monitor the state of the vessel in real time and view prior states.

After several years of development, we have manufactured a device that satisfies above stated needs and after test period we begun manufacturing a series of tracking devices.  

The development had not ended then.  We work every day on enhancing and improving the existing functions of the trackers as well as developing new functionalities.

  • 2003

    This is when we first had an idea to develop the system for tracking commercial ships

  • 2004

    Created a system called Noon Report for tracking commercial ships

  • 2005

    Testing period for the tracking of commercial ships

  • 2005 – today

    Noon Report represents one of the most reliable systems for tracking commercial ships

  • 2013

    Armed with prior experience in tracking and control of commercial ships, we came up with an idea to develop a system for tracking vessels (Magniblu Tracking device)

  • 2014

    Developing and creating Magniblu tracking device (HW and SW) – entirely a device of our own making

  • 2015

    Testing of Magniblu tracking device in real environment

  • 2016

    Manufacture and placement of initial Magniblu tracking devices on the market

  • 2017

    Daily work on further development of HW and SW for Magniblu tracking device


Tomislav Darlić

Tomislav Darlić

Smart navigation systems, owner

Vinko Darlić

Vinko Darlić

Smart navigation systems, Founder

Nikša Radišić

Nikša Radišić

Smart navigation systems, sales

Nikša Božić

Nikša Božić

Smart navigation systems, sales